Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

A Computational Study of Constraint Programming Approaches for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling with Autonomous Learning Effects
Alessandro Hill, Jordan Ticktin and Thomas Vossen

Strengthening of feasibility cuts in logic-based Benders decomposition
Emil Karlsson and Elina Rönnberg

Learning Variable Activity Initialisation for Lazy Clause Generation Solvers
Ronald van Driel, Emir Demirović and Neil Yorke-Smith

A*-based Compilation of Relaxed Decision Diagrams for the Longest Common Subsequence Problem
Matthias Horn and Günther R. Raidl

Partitioning Students into Cohorts during COVID-19
Richard Hoshino and Irene Fabris

A Two-Phases Exact Algorithm for Optimization of Neural Network Ensemble
Keliang Wang, Leonardo Lozano, David Bergman and Carlos Cardonha

Complete Symmetry Breaking Constraints for the Class of Uniquely Hamiltonian Graphs
Avraham Itzhakov and Michael Codish

Heavy-Tails and Randomized Restarting Beam Search in Goal-Oriented Neural Sequence Decoding
Eldan Cohen and J. Christopher Beck

Combining Constraint Programming and Temporal Decomposition Approaches – Scheduling of an Industrial Formulation Plant
Christian Klanke, Dominik Bleidorn, Vassilios Yfantis and Sebastian Engell

The Traveling Social Golfer Problem: the case of the Volleyball Nations League
Roel Lambers, Laurent Rothuizen and Frits Spieksma

Towards a Compact SAT-based Encoding of Itemset Mining Tasks
Ikram Nekkache, Said Jabbour, Lakhdar Sais and Nadjet Kamel

A Pipe Routing Hybrid Approach based on A-Star Search and Linear Programming
Marvin Stanczak, Cédric Pralet, Vincent Vidal and Vincent Baudoui

MDDs boost equation solving on discrete dynamical systems
Enrico Formenti, Jean-Charles Régin and Sara Riva

Variable Ordering for Decision Diagrams: A Portfolio Approach
Anthony Karahalios and Willem-Jan Van Hoeve

Two Deadline Reduction Algorithms for Scheduling Dependent Tasks on Parallel Processors
Claire Hanen, Alix Munier-Kordon and Theo Pedersen

Improving the filtering of Branch-And-Bound MDD solver
Xavier Gillard, Vianney Coppé, Pierre Schaus and Andre Cire

On the Usefulness of Linear Modular Arithmetic in Constraint Programming
Gilles Pesant, Kuldeep S. Meel and Mahshid Mohammadalitajrishi

Injecting Domain Knowledge in Neural Networks: a Controlled Experiment on a Constrained Problem
Mattia Silvestri, Michele Lombardi and Michela Milano

Learning Surrogate Functions for the Short-Horizon Planning in Same-Day Delivery Problems
Adrian Bracher, Nikolaus Frohner and Günther Raidl

Between Steps: Intermediate Relaxations between big-M and Convex Hull Formulations
Jan Kronqvist, Ruth Misener and Calvin Tsay

Logic-Based Benders Decomposition for an Inter-modal Transportation Problem
Ioannis Avgerinos, Ioannis Mourtos and Georgios Zois

Checking Constraint Satisfaction
Victor Jung and Jean-Charles Regin

Finding Subgraphs with Side Constraints
Özgür Akgün, Jessica Enright, Christopher Jefferson, Ciaran McCreesh, Patrick Prosser and Steffen Zschaler

Short-term scheduling of production fleets in underground mines using CP-based LNS
Max Åstrand, Mikael Johansson and Hamid Reza Feyzmahdavian

Learning to Reduce State-Expanded Networks for Multi-Activity Shift Scheduling
Till Porrmann and Michael Römer

SeaPearl: A Constraint Programming Solver guided by Reinforcement Learning
Félix Chalumeau, Ilan Coulon, Quentin Cappart and Louis-Martin Rousseau

Learning to Sparsify Travelling Salesman Problem Instances
James Fitzpatrick, Deepak Ajwani and Paula Carroll

Optimized Item Selection to Boost Exploration for Recommender Systems
Serdar Kadioglu, Bernard Kleynhans and Xin Wang

Improving Branch-and-Bound using Decision Diagrams and Reinforcement Learning
Augustin Parjadis, Quentin Cappart, Louis-Martin Rousseau and David Bergman

Physician Scheduling During a Pandemic
Tobias Geibinger, Lucas Kletzander, Matthias Krainz, Florian Mischek, Nysret Musliu and Felix Winter