Accepted Abstracts

Extended Abstracts

A Matheuristic Algorithm for the Production Routing Problem: Infeasibility Space Search and Mixed Integer Programming
Eleftherios G. Manousakis, Grigoris A. Kasapidis, Chris T. Kiranoudis, and Emmanouil E. Zachariadis

Cable Tree Wiring - Benchmarking Solvers on a Real-World Scheduling Problem with a Variety of Precedence Constraints
Jana Koehler, Josef Bürgler, Urs Fontana, Etienne Fux, Florian Herzog, Marc Pouly, Sophia Saller, Anastasia Salyaeva, Peter Scheiblechner, and Kai Waelti

MipConfigBench: A dataset for learning in the space of Mixed-Integer Programming algorithms
Nick Doudchenko, Miles Lubin, Aditya Paliwal, Pawel Lichocki, and Ross Anderson

Variable Ordering for Decision Diagrams: A Portfolio Approach
Anthony Karahalios and Willem-Jan van Hoeve